‘Consciousness VS Subconscious Mind’

Consciousness vs subconscious mind
Consciousness vs subconscious mind

Conscious mind says…

“What happened, why’re you so serious?
What you think, Something mysterious ?

What is going in the drama of life?
Pain, gain, loss or deep insight.

No one helping you in the midst of way,
all alone is you, through the night and day.

Subconscious mind says…

” Who is saying I’m in the trouble, I’m alone,
Truth, hope, patience with mine, then need none.

Always you Suspicious and always indicate.
Neither see the zeal nor power to create.

The way is looking alone this time, but it’s just moment sight,
Carvaans will follow me soon, I’ll pick the height.

Don’t misguide, nor think to dominate,
The victory is mine, I always say without hesitate.”


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