Why To Read The Novel ‘Half Girlfriend ?’ (By Chetan Bhagat)

Why to read the novel 'Half Girlfriend' by Chetan Bhagat

The Story:

‘Half Girlfriend’ is the story of a middle class Bihari boy who comes to Delhi for his graduation, and all the things happen which usually seen in the reputed colleges. After being insulted by the college staff for being a Bihari, having less experience of English speaking, he gets admission through sports quota with the help of sport teacher who is also from his community, he supports him as Madhav is an state level champion of basketball.
But his problem is being remain as the medium of study is common for all the students of St. Stephen’s College, that’s in English and it’s the tough challenge for Madhav. Then he falls in love with Riya, basically from an upper class family, a fluent English speaker. She also likes Madhav, his simplicity, behavior, truthfulness and most of these the art of basketball as she is also admitted through sports quota.

But how can it be possible. the union of two classes, two community, region, states, and status. The conditions are against their destiny, the love story ends within a short period of one year and they have to be separated. Madhav get shocked when he gets the marriage invitation card of Riya (with Rohan)-
“She handed four packets of Parle G. I kept the packets, my consolation prize. Rohan gets Riya, Madhav gets biscuits “.

It’s to be noticed that there is no physical relationship between them and one must consider Riya as ‘ Half Girlfriend ‘ of Madhav.

And the real story begins after the completion of Madhav’s education. It’s very hard for Madhav to forget Riya. Now the most attractive part of the novel begins. Unlike the other students, Madhav decided to move and settle his home town Dumraon (Near Buxer- Bihar ), though he has been selected in Hsbc bank with high payroll. He finds his living in teaching primary class children, in the private public school run by his mom. He feels that nothing has been changed in his village- Rough roads, uneducated people, poverty etc and it’s very difficult to lure boys to study because the parents prefer to let the boys work in the field rather than studying. And it’s very difficult to run the school due to lack of resources. But Madhav never give up his hope of changing the mind of the people of his region.
Then how he faces the situation, is very interesting to watch, I have used the word ‘watch’ because the style, background, characters, dialog and the regional English language in Bihari tone takes us in a world which appears as ‘real’ at all the times. How he arrange the fund Rs- 20 lacs to run his school , his reunion with Riya in Patna makes us connected all the time..

Whats Unique:

Besides being interesting, the novel is unique for two things –
1- The English language in Bihari tone ( I have never seen this before, in any English book).

2- The fight of a common man for a pure purpose as he dare to oppose the bahubalies of Bihar, even his mother for the social reformation and becomes successful in both fields as he makes a better career and he also reunited to his girlfriend.


To conclude we may say, the novel is much more than a love story and I’m forgetting an important thing to share, it’s having a master plan of English speaking for beginners.
It would really help to arise the inspiration to use this language in our daily routine.

So that’s not all. Read the book and share your points of views…

Written By
Kaushal Shukla


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