‘Peaceful Tension – Secrets Of Happy Life’

Peaceful Tension - Secrets Of Happy Life'
Peace on the face,
tension in the mind,
Who will stop
this stormy wind?

I’m climbing
on the mountain of hope,
Truth is the power
Honesty is the rope.

I prefer a loss
To a dishonest gain,
I dislike the unworthy pleasure
Then heavy pain.

Tears are the instrument
of the weak, I hate.
I dare to fight death,
If it’s my fate.

Let’s come out from seriousness
and have some fun.
‘Acche Din’ are coming
What preparation you done?

Because life is
occasional episode.
So leave the tension
And on the ipode

And sing the song
On the rhythm of parody,
And enjoy the things
With musical melody.

And fill your life
With natural pleasure.
How the thing goes
Do not measure…


Composed  By

Kaushal Shukla


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