‘The Value of Growth- Joke of A Sad Story’

The Value of Growth-

A CA who maintained his personal books of accounts passed the following entry after the death of his father..

Kafan a/c (ind exp )dr.Rs-5000
petty cash a/c cr.Rs-5000.
(Being most expensive shroud brought for Dad’s funeral)

Petty cash a/c dr. rs- 20000
Dad’s pension a/c cr. 20000

Now he is working on the strategy and planning to increase the revenue generation to recover the loss as the regular monthly pension is to be stopped …

20 years ago when the ca was 5 years old, he lost his mother and people made him understand that his mother has gone to bring an special toy for him…he had innocently replied..
” मुझे toy नहीं मम्मी चाहिए ”
Because he knew very well the real value of Mom..
and now , after being C A, the real value of growth..

Written by
Kaushal Shukla


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