‘Superiority Of The Inner Beauty’

The superiority of inner beauty

From the corner of my dairy…

13 sep 2006.

I had gone to Gorakhpur to see my M. A. Ist year result as the university had not declared the result till date. On the same date one more result was to be announced. That was the final merit list of sub inspector of radio police dpt after pre, mains, physical and interview. I knew this fact that my name will not be in the list. Actually the honest officer who took my interview had already informed me about the list prepared by the ministry and I was well aware on the discrepancies of the police dpt. Nevertheless I saw the result on internet and moved to my college to see the university result.

I took my mark sheet and shocked. I saw the word ‘ failed’. I couldn’t see the other things in the marksheet . During my educational life of 16 years I never failed and ” It’s the matter of great shame ” I thought so that time.That day something happened with me which created a memorable incident of my life.

Those days there was one of my colleague student named Ram Ashish, a black, big teeth, fat and one must say unconvincing personality.I’d not much interaction with him as he was from the other group. He came to me and saw my marksheet and informed me that the absent mark shown in drama (paper 3). That’s why I was failed. But the fact was that I was present in the exam and the paper was being quite good and Ram Ashis knew the fact as he was just left to me in the examination hall.

Then he took me and went to meet the Dean of the college, he collected my presence proof (signature , attendance sheet etc) and moved to university with me. I was just an spectator in all the activity done on that full day.

After the application of the scrutiny we sat together in an tea stall at 6 pm and started some discussion on our subjects . meanwhile I was out of the stress as the needful was done and now I had a hope of being passed.Then I asked about his result and came to know that he was failed in the examination..

A silence … and I shocked more than previous time. A man to whom I never even talk well in one year time, had so much greatness behind the unconvincing personality. I couldn’t believe at once and the tears came in my eyes which was most rare particularly to me.

Then we separated in different classes as the application was successful and the marks added to my result. But this incidence totally changed the way of my thinking and became the believer of the purity of the soul and the superiority of inner beauty over the visible personality.

On this friendship day & I really miss you Rammy….


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