How To Write The Touching Resignation Mail At Corporate Organization

How to write touching resignation mail
How to write touching resignation mail

Dear Sir,

What an achievement ! A common lad of a small village comes to the metro city Mumbai without holding any experience, an art graduate with average 50% marks in all the academics, becomes an accountant in a corporate organization, without knowing abcd of this subject but the staying is more important than joining specially in a growing corporate office where competition is so high, the queue of talent is good enough to make the new comer upset, but he do realize the captured opportunity and feeds the drifts by the hard work and now he is handling taxation, one of the most important  part of accounts.
Such is my experience with this organization which paved a path, provided an opportunity, a growing culture, a lot of noble personalities, friends, and noble seniors.

It’s effected not only the professional but all the aspects of my life whether it’s personal or impersonal.

But every beautiful journey has an end, and now it’s time to use my gathered power as strongly as I can, it’s our duty also.

So now I’m resigning from my responsibilities with this organization and thanking specially to you for the kind support and guidance during my tenure with the organization as you provided many chances to share personal things even after being honorable CFO. If you allow, I’ll share some more  personal things separately.

So please consider this mail as my formal resignation letter and suggest the name who can take the proper handover.

Thank you once again…


Kaushal Shukla


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